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After you arranged a meeting with our staff, we will further discuss with you either via phone/email or at the showroom (based on your preference). It is highly recommended that you bring along your floor plan and we will brainstorm ideas together and establish some fundamentals such as budget allocation and desired theme, etc.


After our first meeting, we would have enough information on your desired dream home. We will prepare a mood board (of your desired theme), a design proposal (sample pictures) and also a price quotation (for Premium Packages only). We will contact you once this is all ready. If you are satisfied with our proposal, we can proceed on, however if you are unsatisfied, we will make the necessary adjustments and repeat the process untill satisfactory.


Once you satisfied with the design proposal stated earlier, you have yo make a 30% deposit of the final price (or 30% of quotation for Premium Package). This will enable us to proceed with the 3D-Rendering of your actual home. We will acheive this by making use of both your floor plan and also by physically surveying your property. We will contact you again once the 3D Rendering is complete.


At this stage, it is all about fine-tuning. We will explain our thinking behind the designs and also make recommendations. If the design is unsatisfactory, we will make revisions for you. (1 revision for Starter Package and 3 revisions for Gold Package). Once settled, you are required to make the rest of the payment.


For the Premium Package however, you will only make the payment after "Installation" stage.



For Premium Package members, we will make your dream home a reality.We will discuss a proposed timeline for the construction and to co-ordinate the entire project from start to finish. Our Project Executive will update you very frequently throughout the construction stage of your project and also make rounds to the site to ensure the a smooth-sailing from start to finish.

If you are completely clueless on home decorations, you may engage us to buy loose furnishings and decorate the house. Every project is unique and we will tailor our services to suit your individual requirements.

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